Vinny’s Customer Care - Service Warranty

At Vinny’s General Contracting we put our name on it, quite literally! This is our promise to you, a testament that we stand behind all of our work. We use all our resources to provide the best client experience. We call this the “Wedding Ring Promise” like my father our founder Vinny Sr. used to say “...when we [make a deal] it’s like a wedding ring, for better or for worse we are here for you” 

For over 30 years and as one generation fades into the next we still stand behind our work with the “Wedding Ring Promise” and a minimum 3 year warranty on materials and labor. Rest assured that for generations to come we will remain your ally in the business. We also honor the Manufacturer Warranties for the products we install. These warranties are valuable and some even last for a Lifetime, and we would not want you to miss out on that! 


Vincent Biancaniello Jr.

Vincent Biancaniello Jr.

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